Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The traditional coin-operated vending machines became outdated. Modern interactive machines featuring digital screens, wi-fi, sensors, video cameras and phone charging station are replacing them at a fast pace. New smart vending machines, equipped with Digital Logic NFC RFID readers enable users to pay for the goods by simply placing your contactless card or your NFC capable smartphone near the NFC reader. Now you can have your snacks, soft drinks, coffee, magazines with ease. Touchscreen implemented into vending machine allows you to interact with consumers in various ways, and not just simple marketing messages. New hardware opens the door to game-based promotion, sampling, social media sharing. If you include facial recognition, digital signature, interactive multimedia and you will provide information such as customer demographics, purchase trends, etc. for more specific customer targeting for the designated brand.

Smart vending machines enable efficient vending operations with reduced maintenance costs through possible remote manageability. There is also no need for collecting cash money, therefore the risk of theft is minimized. Software Development Kit supplied with Digital Logic NFC RFID reader allows future developers to further elaborate various advanced payment systems either by card or smartphone, sales analytics, etc.

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Friday, December 22, 2017



Digital Logic has prepared the solution that combines several functions. Users of the Hotel Management System are now able to have an instantaneous overview of room access control, room occupancy. Each room is equipped with two Digital Logic's Base HD NFC readers. The outer one is mounted by the entry door to control room access for dedicated cards or NFC capable smartphones. The inner one with the cardholder is controlling room power supply and records room occupancy. 

Hotel Management System can be inter-operational with Parking lot and Garage Access System and also Loyalty System used for large retail chains. Integrating several systems allows end-users to fulfill multiple tasks using single NFC card or NFC enabled smartphone.

Digital Logic provides Software Development Kit for the mentioned device, with plenty of available software examples for multiple platforms and programming languages. This enables buildup of a highly adaptable software application which allows implementation of diversified options: easy room card replacement in case of losing, exercising various levels of access rights, for different types of hotel features (swimming pool, hotel gym).

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Entering and exiting public garages and parking lots, tend to take too much time, even with automated ticket issuing. On your way out you have to bother with money change or a credit card. It's a waste of time and paper. Instead, it is much easier to use your NFC card as a parking or a garage ticket. You can either charge your card for a period of time or a certain amount of money, it is up to developers who are implementing the system to choose either or both ways.
No need for using your credit card, looking through your wallet for cash or waiting for the change. Just place your card near the Digital Logic NFC RFID reader and complete your payment. Integration with NFC capable smartphones, through an adequate mobile app, is also possible. This way you can pay safely and quickly, with your favorite smartphone.
Along with NFC RFID reader, Digital Logic provides accompanying Software Development Kit, with vast libraries of examples for the majority of programming languages and platforms.
This system doesn't necessarily operate on its own, for public garages or parking lots. Large retail chains can integrate their loyalty system with parking system, allowing customers to access parking lots and to enjoy all the benefits of the dedicated loyalty program with a single card or NFC capable smartphone. The same principle applies when it is integrated with hotel system. Single card or smartphone's IMEI number allows access to the hotel room, using hotel's facilities and garages. 

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Friday, December 1, 2017


Loyalty programs are very effective marketing strategies when it comes to animating existing clients and customers to keep on purchasing goods or services. This sort of marketing strategy is based on rewarding the consumers for their constancy. Rewards may vary from discounts, points, and other membership privileges. Contactless ID cards or key fobs are ideal for identifying regular shoppers.
Therefore, Digital Logic has prepared hardware coupled with software development kit (SDK) for customers who are willing to develop their own optimum solution.
Highly reliable RFID NFC readers became famous for their impeccable operation, regardless of outside conditions.
SDK provides examples written for the 
majority of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ARM and ARM HF) and programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Lazarus, Borland Delphi, C++). 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

RGB LED Display Module

Digital Logic presents new product - RGB LED DISPLAY MODULE.
This controllable display module is arranged in  8x6 matrix.

This module is comprised of 48 addressable RGB LED with integrated drivers. Primarily designed to be used with Digital Logic's Controller Board, this module has been further improved and now is fully compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other programmable circuit boards and controllers.
Since it has no restrictions when it comes to combining modules in numbers or positions, RGB LED MODULE DISPLAY can be used in various applications (garages, parking lots, sport venues, transport, etc.)

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Possible applications of Digital Logic uFR NFC Reader/Writer are only limited by the imagination of your development team. Variants of cashless payments solutions are highly versatile. If you have a fresh idea, contact us and we will provide you with the appropriate device and the Software Development Kit.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

uFR Classic CS

Card Size RFID NFC Reader Writer

uFR Classic CS RFID NFC Reader Writer

uFR Classic CS with a Windows x86/x64 platform

 Based on well-known uFR Classic Reader Writer, Digital Logic developed a new product, uFR Classic CS.  This brand new NFC RFID reader comes in a smaller, card sized casing, which is more suitable for users which are looking for a contactless device of more compact dimensions. 
 Regardless of its size, uFR Classic CS is a fully featured device. Equipped with RF Booster, Classic CS has increased the reading distance up to 11centimeters.
 In order to enhance security and cryptography performance of our NFC reader, a slot for Security Access Module (SAM) is installed. This feature is very important when the safety of transactions and secure authentications are the imperatives.
 Since it is using the same SDK API, it is totally compatible and interoperable in common set of functions with all the other devices of the D-Logic's uFR Series
uFR Classic CS reader comes with fully featured SDK which consists of external libraries, software examples with source codes, documentation about API reference and communication protocol and some useful software tools.
Libraries are cross-compiled for various platforms and regularly supported are Windows x86/x64, Linux x86/x64, Mac OSX x64, ARM and ARM HF.
All examples are written for all major developing platforms and languages, like:
  • Java (and Java Applet example),
  • JavaScript (unique feature, convenient for PHP usage),
  • Lazarus,
  • Borland Delphi,
  • C++ Borland Builder,
  • Microsoft® Visual.NET family: C++, C#, VB

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Special discount, 33% on ISO 14443 Contactless cards and Key fobs

Digital Logic prepared a special offer, with a 33% discount on following articles.
Starting from today, up until July 31st, 2017,
ISO 14443 Contactless 1K Key fobs RFID 13.56 MHz will be available for 0.40 €/pc.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gitlab Source Code Repository launched

We launched our new Gitlab Source Code Repository!
Our clients can now always be up to date by downloading latest SDK software, firmware and library versions as soon as they are released. Users can also view the change logs, download all previous versions. Users can even contribute by sending us their own code which we will gladly place on our Gitlab and Github.

Gitlab code repository includes SDK, firmware and libraries for our NFC Readers (µFR Nano, µFR Classic, µFR Advance), Autonomous Identification Systems (Base HD) and Controllable RGB LED Displays. More to come soon…
Check it out:

Registering an account is not mandatory but it is advisable. Users who do not wish to sign in can access the repository by clicking on the link “open source software” or by clicking on the link “Explore” at the bottom of the page.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Controller Board Module

Digital Logic develops not only purpose-built devices based on NFC technology but also various peripherals allowing combinations of those devices.
Controller Board Module - is a multi purpose controller which can be used with several Digital Logic devices such as RGB LED Displays, I/O Expander and Base HD. This module practically adds functionality to the Base HD system. Acting as an interface between Base HD and peripherals (lights, locks, sensors) Controller Board Module provides newer functionalities, further expanding the applicability of Digital Logic's NFC reader writer.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Digital Logic presented newly developed device

DL533N XL OEM - LibNFC supported NFC Reader Writer

DL533N XL OEM - NFC Reader Writer is developed with smart shelves in mind. Its large size (178 x 178 x 6 mm) ensures long reading range and evenly distributed NFC field. Upgraded with RF range booster,  this newly developed device provides reading distances of up to astonishing 18 cm, which is one of the top results in the NFC industry.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Digital Logic launched new Webshop

We launched our new Webshop today!
Our online store became our most important sales channel so we had to adjust its features to satisfy buyers needs.
Built upon the latest platform, our new Webshop is visually more appealing, with intuitive options, making it plain and easy to use. Also is structurally organized with functionality in mind.
New Webshop is an excellent opportunity to present Digital Logic newly developed products.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Introducing new "pick-and-place" machine into the production process

Digital Logic RnD ltd production department recently received the latest upgrade. New "pick-and-place" machine provided much needed time-saving in the production process. With this reinforcement, Digital Logic is prepared to quickly answer to the clients' requests for larger shipments in a  shorter period of time.
Continuous modernization of the production processes, besides development of the latest upgraded versions of NFC devices, is the only certain way for constant growth. Fulfilling customers' demands in a very short notice, while remaining the high-quality level of the finishing products and reducing production costs is the proven method for a company to stay on top of its task.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Digital Logic received Declaration of Conformity for four latest products

Digital Logic company received CE certificate for latest products

  After recognizing clients' necessities for highly customizable products, available for a wide area of application, Digital Logic further evolved four of their contactless readers. Based on a very well known design of their NFC devices, these new iterations are offering some interesting features.
  uFR Classic, uFR Classic CS, and DL533N CS NFC Reader Writers, together with DL533R CS PC/SC Smart card Reader Writer are available now with either RF booster or SAM module or with both of them. Digital Logic provided Declaration of Conformity for all above-mentioned products.
  By receiving this latest CE certificates, our products will be even more competitive on the international market. Either as full-size products or as card size newly developed versions, these readers are fully compatible and mutually inter-operational.
 SAM module increases security and cryptography performances of Digital Logic readers. Wherever there is a need for higher security, for example, payment transactions or access control to buildings or premises with enhanced safety measures.
 RF Booster is a radio frequency amplifier which extends the reading range of contactless card readers. By installing RF Booster, Digital Logic NFC Reader Writers gained more than 30% of operating range, allowing more commodity to end users.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Digital Logic participated in Embedded World 2017 trade fair

Digital Logic participated in Embedded World 2017 trade fair

  This year’s trade fair on embedded technologies - Embedded World 2017 traditionally took place in Nuremberg. Held from march 14th to march 16th, this international trade fair brought together over 1000 exhibitors from 37 countries around the world.
  Among those 1000 exhibitors was Digital Logic RnD, developer and manufacturer of advanced NFC technologies. For three days, our team presented company’s line of products, emphasizing on NFC RFID Readers/Writers. These contactless embedded devices were specially designed for further implementation by developers around the world.
  For this year’s Embedded World fair, we have prepared five products for presentation. Some of them are well known, our company’s mainstay products, some were equipped with completely new features and some had their world premiere.

  During three days of the fair, we have presented company’s products to over a hundred representatives and officials of various companies from around the World, some of which are global leaders in the field of NFC technologies.

  A tremendous success that we have accomplished by this year’s appearance at Embedded World further inspired us to start preparations for Embedded World 2018 already.