Tuesday, January 16, 2018


New electronic locker system operating Digital Logic NFC RFID reader provides secure and comfortable access to your personal belongings. Instead of carrying a plastic membership card and a locker key of your favorite gym or even remembering your padlock combination, all you need is a contactless card, key fob, rubber wristband or just your smartphone. Place it within a few centimeters of a reader and your locker opens instantly. 
Electronic lockers equipped with Digital Logic NFC RFID readers can be used in schools and school locker rooms, train and bus stations, airport and ferryboat terminals, swimming pools and aqua parks, shopping malls and mega-markets.
Contactless readers are available with Software Development Kit. Therefore, it makes it possible to integrate the electronic locker system with other forms of access control (Parking and Garage System, Hotel System, Loyalty System, etc.)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The traditional coin-operated vending machines became outdated. Modern interactive machines featuring digital screens, wi-fi, sensors, video cameras and phone charging station are replacing them at a fast pace. New smart vending machines, equipped with Digital Logic NFC RFID readers enable users to pay for the goods by simply placing your contactless card or your NFC capable smartphone near the NFC reader. Now you can have your snacks, soft drinks, coffee, magazines with ease. Touchscreen implemented into vending machine allows you to interact with consumers in various ways, and not just simple marketing messages. New hardware opens the door to game-based promotion, sampling, social media sharing. If you include facial recognition, digital signature, interactive multimedia and you will provide information such as customer demographics, purchase trends, etc. for more specific customer targeting for the designated brand.

Smart vending machines enable efficient vending operations with reduced maintenance costs through possible remote manageability. There is also no need for collecting cash money, therefore the risk of theft is minimized. Software Development Kit supplied with Digital Logic NFC RFID reader allows future developers to further elaborate various advanced payment systems either by card or smartphone, sales analytics, etc.

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Friday, December 22, 2017



Digital Logic has prepared the solution that combines several functions. Users of the Hotel Management System are now able to have an instantaneous overview of room access control, room occupancy. Each room is equipped with two Digital Logic's Base HD NFC readers. The outer one is mounted by the entry door to control room access for dedicated cards or NFC capable smartphones. The inner one with the cardholder is controlling room power supply and records room occupancy. 

Hotel Management System can be inter-operational with Parking lot and Garage Access System and also Loyalty System used for large retail chains. Integrating several systems allows end-users to fulfill multiple tasks using single NFC card or NFC enabled smartphone.

Digital Logic provides Software Development Kit for the mentioned device, with plenty of available software examples for multiple platforms and programming languages. This enables buildup of a highly adaptable software application which allows implementation of diversified options: easy room card replacement in case of losing, exercising various levels of access rights, for different types of hotel features (swimming pool, hotel gym).

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Entering and exiting public garages and parking lots, tend to take too much time, even with automated ticket issuing. On your way out you have to bother with money change or a credit card. It's a waste of time and paper. Instead, it is much easier to use your NFC card as a parking or a garage ticket. You can either charge your card for a period of time or a certain amount of money, it is up to developers who are implementing the system to choose either or both ways.
No need for using your credit card, looking through your wallet for cash or waiting for the change. Just place your card near the Digital Logic NFC RFID reader and complete your payment. Integration with NFC capable smartphones, through an adequate mobile app, is also possible. This way you can pay safely and quickly, with your favorite smartphone.
Along with NFC RFID reader, Digital Logic provides accompanying Software Development Kit, with vast libraries of examples for the majority of programming languages and platforms.
This system doesn't necessarily operate on its own, for public garages or parking lots. Large retail chains can integrate their loyalty system with parking system, allowing customers to access parking lots and to enjoy all the benefits of the dedicated loyalty program with a single card or NFC capable smartphone. The same principle applies when it is integrated with hotel system. Single card or smartphone's IMEI number allows access to the hotel room, using hotel's facilities and garages. 

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Friday, December 1, 2017


Loyalty programs are very effective marketing strategies when it comes to animating existing clients and customers to keep on purchasing goods or services. This sort of marketing strategy is based on rewarding the consumers for their constancy. Rewards may vary from discounts, points, and other membership privileges. Contactless ID cards or key fobs are ideal for identifying regular shoppers.
Therefore, Digital Logic has prepared hardware coupled with software development kit (SDK) for customers who are willing to develop their own optimum solution.
Highly reliable RFID NFC readers became famous for their impeccable operation, regardless of outside conditions.
SDK provides examples written for the 
majority of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ARM and ARM HF) and programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Lazarus, Borland Delphi, C++). 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

RGB LED Display Module

Digital Logic presents new product - RGB LED DISPLAY MODULE.
This controllable display module is arranged in  8x6 matrix.

This module is comprised of 48 addressable RGB LED with integrated drivers. Primarily designed to be used with Digital Logic's Controller Board, this module has been further improved and now is fully compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other programmable circuit boards and controllers.
Since it has no restrictions when it comes to combining modules in numbers or positions, RGB LED MODULE DISPLAY can be used in various applications (garages, parking lots, sport venues, transport, etc.)

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Possible applications of Digital Logic uFR NFC Reader/Writer are only limited by the imagination of your development team. Variants of cashless payments solutions are highly versatile. If you have a fresh idea, contact us and we will provide you with the appropriate device and the Software Development Kit.

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