Tuesday, January 16, 2018


New electronic locker system operating Digital Logic NFC RFID reader provides secure and comfortable access to your personal belongings. Instead of carrying a plastic membership card and a locker key of your favorite gym or even remembering your padlock combination, all you need is a contactless card, key fob, rubber wristband or just your smartphone. Place it within a few centimeters of a reader and your locker opens instantly. 
Electronic lockers equipped with Digital Logic NFC RFID readers can be used in schools and school locker rooms, train and bus stations, airport and ferryboat terminals, swimming pools and aqua parks, shopping malls and mega-markets.
Contactless readers are available with Software Development Kit. Therefore, it makes it possible to integrate the electronic locker system with other forms of access control (Parking and Garage System, Hotel System, Loyalty System, etc.)

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