Wednesday, August 9, 2017

uFR Classic CS

Card Size RFID NFC Reader Writer

uFR Classic CS RFID NFC Reader Writer

uFR Classic CS with a Windows x86/x64 platform

 Based on well-known uFR Classic Reader Writer, Digital Logic developed a new product, uFR Classic CS.  This brand new NFC RFID reader comes in a smaller, card sized casing, which is more suitable for users which are looking for a contactless device of more compact dimensions. 
 Regardless of its size, uFR Classic CS is a fully featured device. Equipped with RF Booster, Classic CS has increased the reading distance up to 11centimeters.
 In order to enhance security and cryptography performance of our NFC reader, a slot for Security Access Module (SAM) is installed. This feature is very important when the safety of transactions and secure authentications are the imperatives.
 Since it is using the same SDK API, it is totally compatible and interoperable in common set of functions with all the other devices of the D-Logic's uFR Series
uFR Classic CS reader comes with fully featured SDK which consists of external libraries, software examples with source codes, documentation about API reference and communication protocol and some useful software tools.
Libraries are cross-compiled for various platforms and regularly supported are Windows x86/x64, Linux x86/x64, Mac OSX x64, ARM and ARM HF.
All examples are written for all major developing platforms and languages, like:
  • Java (and Java Applet example),
  • JavaScript (unique feature, convenient for PHP usage),
  • Lazarus,
  • Borland Delphi,
  • C++ Borland Builder,
  • Microsoft® Visual.NET family: C++, C#, VB